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This repository contains the code for my personal site, hosted at I periodically make updates to it when I want to include new information or try out a new frontend technology.


"Building" the site such that it can be deployed is simple. Clone the repository, add the relevant font(s) and large file(s), and compile the tailwindCSS.


Obtain the file ioseevka_ter_regular.ttf and put it in the fonts folder. Obtain any large files omitted from the repository (currently just mushrooms.jpg) and put them in the project root folder.


Install TailwindCSS (site most recently built with v3.3.3) with npm if you haven't already. Compile the CSS with the following terminal command.

npx tailwindcss -i ./css/theme.css -o ./css/theme-compiled.css

Open index.html and the site should look as it does at